CPG Marketing Trends: Cooking Archetypes – It’s time to find your soul mate – THE SCAVENGER CONSUMER SEGMENT

What defines the Scavenger more than any other segment is that they hate to cook. The Scavenger is the first of four consumer segments identified in our Cooking Archetype study that we developed using qualitative and quantitative research.

What defines the Scavenger more than any other segment is that they hate to cook. Hate it. Detest it. If they could give their family a pill for meals, they would.

For whatever reason, the Scavenger has trouble managing all the chaos in their life. They tend to be overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. Work, taking care of the family, helping with homework, keeping up with the cleaning and laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, carting around the kids to practice, activities and games. The list goes on and on. The Scavenger never seems to get ahead of the chaos.

And then there is dinner.  For the Scavenger, mealtime is a barrier to getting the stuff done that she needs to get done.

Not only does she not like to cook, but she also doesn’t know how to cook.  Neither is there any planning. Her meal starts when she realizes she needs to get food on the table and she opens up the pantry or refrigerator to see what to make. She has five or six “go to” meals: spaghetti, rice dishes, grilled chicken, chicken nuggets, Hot Pockets, microwavable dinners.  Simple, one-pot meals that take no time to prep, cook or clean.  And when time is really tight, nothing solves the meal dilemma like a convenient stop for fast food.

Scavengers seek out simple, convenient meals that take the pressure off of having to cook.  If you have a Scavenger consumer, embrace who they are and how they live their life.  In our experience, they appreciate brands that understand their situation and offer real solutions to save time in planning, prep, cooking and cleanup.

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Brad is an expert in private label and challenger brand food marketing for Barkley, an integrated marketing and advertising agency. He specializes in working with manufacturing-driven food companies that have aspirations to develop a consumer insight-led strategies to help drive innovation and growth.

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