E-commerce to T-commerce

As one of the biggest yearly sporting events was approaching, advertisers were talking much more than football. While commercials are always a hot topic of conversation surrounding the Super Bowl, this year there was a new element to the discussion.

This Super Bowl marked consumers with the chance to do some shopping right in their seat while watching the big game. When the ad aired, viewers had the ability to purchase products, with the click of their remote control.

H&M and Delivery Agent partnered to engage consumers in purchasing David Beckham’s Bodywear line. This was H&M’s first attempt at using this technology with Delivery Agent. The advertisement went live during the second quarter of the game, when a small pop-up menu was displayed in the corner of the TV.

The window was unobtrusive to the rest of the commercial message, but still prompted viewers to purchase the products on the screen. If the viewer chose to click the pop-up, they could view the product information, send the information to another device for later use, or decide to purchase the merchandise right then and there.

While this technology is currently only available to Samsung smart TV users, ShopTV on web, mobile and tablet devices, EMarketer is predicting an increase in the consumers with these products and an overall expansion of the technology. Other networks and TV shows have also been experimenting with this marketing device, including Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Fox’s “Glee” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones.

In a follow-up article after the Super Bowl, Ad Age discussed next steps for the t-commerce movement. Is it the next big thing? Should brands start to seek options within this category? How successful can it be? While researchers think t-commerce has the potential to become a trend, major strides need to be taken before it can be considered a commonplace.

With contributions by Megan Monsees.


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