Fan Favorite Facebook’s Newest Feature

Facebook is constantly evolving and was recently proved to be the ringleader of social media sites. A new Forrester study released on July 23 revealed that consumers who access social-media sites through mobile phones are more likely to interact with brands than those who access social media on personal computers. Out of 1,400 smartphone users, Facebook took the highest number in time consumption and in penetration rates. Users spent an average of 25 minutes a day on Facebook, 22 minutes on Pinterest, 12 with YouTube and 10 with Instagram. Facebook has a penetration rate of 78% with smartphone users, followed by Youtube with 50%. When surveyed users were asked how they interact with brands online, smartphone and PC users had similar answers including searching out deals, special promotions, and free samples. According to this study, Facebook is the clear leader in social media sites to reach your consumers, and is adapting new features that will help you do so.


Last Monday, July 21, Facebook introduced a new feature called “Save” which allows users to bookmark links, photos, and videos shared on the site and view them later. To pull up saved posts, users can just click on the “Saved” tab to view an accumulation of time-delayed content. Anything on the Saved tab will be private unless the Facebook user decides to share it with friends. In order to remind Facebook users that they have stored, a gallery of things they have saved will show up in their news feed. Unfortunately, advertisers will not be able to target ads to people who save their ads on Facebook.


With contributions by Kali Lantefield


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