Key Findings About Social Network Demographic Trends

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are ever changing. While using social networking sites as a promotional tool keeps growing and evolving – the key to success is understanding the demographics.

In September 2014, BI Intelligence released an extensive report on demographic trends for every major social network. While their report is jam packed with good takeaways here are some that stick out and are actionable:

  • Kill the TV commercials – Between December 2013 and February 2014, almost half of those ages 18 to 34 visited YouTube, according to Nielsen. YouTube now reaches more adults in this age group than any single cable TV network, BI Intelligence reports. Additionally, millennials rated YouTube as the top place to watch content, putting it above digital and TV mediums like Facebook and ESPN.
  • Snapchat over Instagram – The BI Intelligence report shows that over six out of 10 Snapchat users are between 18-24, which is more than the 28% that use Instagram, a survey by Informate shows. Now with Snapchat introducing Discover, Snapchat users now have a new way to view unique stories from CNN, National Geographic and even Cosmopolitan.
  • Facebook reaches teens and women – While Facebook is losing momentum in some areas, it is still the top social site for US teens, who say that they are using the site more than last year. Targeting shouldn’t be pointed at just teens but also women. US women are more likely than men to use Facebook by approximately 10 percentage points.

Today social networking sites allow us to target consumers through a different medium and in unique ways. Additionally, these sites give brands the ability to have a voice, create a conversation and give them a personality.

However, social networking sites are only successful for brands when the audience matches up. Thanks to today’s data collecting ability we can now strategically pick what networks to use – so make sure you take advantage.

With contributions from Michelle Hill


Brad is an expert in private label and challenger brand food marketing for Barkley, an integrated marketing and advertising agency. He specializes in working with manufacturing-driven food companies that have aspirations to develop a consumer insight-led strategies to help drive innovation and growth.

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