Consulting and Speaking

Brad Hanna speaks regularly at conferences across the country.  Below are the subjects Brad can speak on:

Marketing to Millennials

Barkley, Service Management Group and The Boston Consulting Group — partnered on a study. Barkley shares the results in its report “American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation.” The research is based on a comprehensive survey of 4,259 Millennials and 1,234 older non-Millennials. In addition, Barkley surveyed 1,348 Millennials who are Primary Grocery Shoppers (PGS). Race and household income sample demographics were weighted to approximate the current U.S. population based on the 2010 U.S. Census. Brad’s presentation looks at how Millennials who are PGS might differ from people of older generations in their attitudes and behaviors, use of technology, attitudes toward cooking, shopping for groceries, and the role of name brands versus store brands.

Marketing to Millennial Moms

This presentation is a build to the Marketing to Millennials presentation above.  In this presentation, Brad covers the key generational trends for Millennials and contrasts this with key lifestage changes when female Millennials becomes “moms.”  How does this life stage change their attitudes and behaviors.

Brand Strategy

It is surprising how few companies actually write a formal brand strategy.  brand strategy template that is ideal for challenger brands with entrepreneur spirits.  It provides just enough direction to instill a marketing discipline, but is flexible enough that it will not paralyze the organization.  It is perfect for brands that are trying to introduce a more consumer-centric approach.  It’s entire approach is to help fuel brands with actionable insights that allow brand to change their partnership with customers and work to become a category advisor.

Emerging Digital and Digital Media

Brad has developed a presentation on how to approach integrating a digital strategy into your brand’s communications.  It also helps organize emerging digital and emerging digital media into platforms and provides real examples of each to show how brands are using each platform.  It walks through what technology you should be testing today.

Cause Marketing

Barkley’s Crossroads PR firm has been a leader in cause marketing.  We have conducted an on-going study with consumers on cause marketing.  This presentation shows brands how to develop a cause marketing strategy.

Social Media

Brad has developed a presentation on how to develop and manage a social media strategy.  It walks through a road map of what brands should in their strategy and how to manage social media as a channel to drive loyalty.

“How brands can get the most out of their agencies.”

This presentation focuses on how to become part of your agency team in terms of collaboration and the best model for clients to work with their agencies on integrated ideas.


Brad can work with your organization with on-going consulting projects or workshops.  Topics of expertise include:

  • Writing a structured brand strategy.
  • Writing a compelling selling story for retail.
  • Brand architecture
  • Consumer segmentation study
  • Consumer need state study
  • Brand positioning
  • Integrating digital and emerging media into your planning process
  • Consumer research
  • Communication strategy development

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